Overview about Ghachok

Ghachok is a village and Village Development Committee in Kaski District in the Gandaki Zone of northern-central Nepal. At the time of the 1991 Nepal census it had a population of 2,322 persons living in 449 individual households.

Ghachok is beautiful village of kaski distic . There are many people stay in ghachok .There is stay in machpurcha himal .There are a lot of jagal area and river side .Ghachok is a wring road of lachock and hamja .
This village is tourist area in the kaski pokhara .there are many home stay ,hotel and so much. there are different type of cast population of the ghachok .there are many temple of the area in ghachok .

i want ghachok is beautiful place in pokhara area .

Every house in Ghachowk village in Nepal has a toilet, and the community takes responsibility for keeping the village clean. Local schoolchildren were the first to learn these lessons and did a splendid job of passing them on to adults.

However, through a project initiated seven years ago by Unicef in partnership with the government of Nepal and a handful of development organisations, the village of Ghachowk in Kaski district is setting an example that will hopefully inspire the rest of the country.

‘Ghachowk is a 100% sanitation zone. Every home in our village has a latrine,’ proclaim billboards along the path leading up to the village.


  • Asciiname: Ghachok
  • Alternative name:
  • Latitude: 28.3194200
  • Longitude: 83.9464700
  • Country: NP
  • Fcode: ADM4
  • Population: 0
  • Elevation: 0
  • Time Zones: Asia/Kathmandu
  • Gtopo30: 1247
  • Full name: Ghachok
  • Nepali name: घाचोक
  • Settlement type: Village Development Committee
  • Country: Nepal
  • Zone: Gandaki Zone
  • District: Kaski District
  • Total Population: 2322 (1991)
  • Density (pop.): auto/km2 (0/sq mi)Other information
  • Time zone: Nepal Time (UTC+5:45)

How to Reach Ghachol: 


Why to visit ghachok ?
there are several attraction that make Ghachok a village one must village. SOme of them are as below:

Vulture Safe Feeding Site

Community managed safe feeding site ( Vulture Restaurant) is one of the main attractions of the area. Among nine species of cultures found in Nepal, eight  species of cultures found in Nepal, eight

species including three critically endangered and one endangered species can be observer in this area. This has been a famous designation for tourist, researcher and students to observe vultures feeding careasses.

Sceinic Beauty

One can enjoy eye watching views of Mt. Machhapuchhre. Annapurna-4 and Seti Gorge from the village.

HOmestay Facilities

Canadian Fund for Local Initiative and Bird Conservation Nepal trained ans supported 24 households in establishing homestay. You can enjoy fresh and organic food from the village with warm hospitality.

Bird Waching

Ghachok is best place for nature walk and birdwatching. You can see many birds within short walk.


Paragliding, Rafting, Trekking, Hot Spring, Honey Hunting, Dicerse Culture.